What is the worst thing about going camping???

Yep, you guessed it.  Setting up camp and worst of all, packing up camp, right?  Well not anymore, this Australian slide on unit can be fitted to your tray back within 10 minutes and once fitted, it takes just 1 minute before you're lying down on your bed, not to mention having a tidy and neat campsite.  

The great Australian dream is to travel around Australia without a care in the world. Aussie Eagle Campers allows you to do this at ease.  No more spending countless hours setting up your camp site, just step out of your truck and into bed.

Aussie Eagle Campers are an Australian owned and operated family business.  We use only the best raw materials and quality tradesman to deliver what we believe, is the best value slide on camper on the Aussie market.  These units are practical, light weight and have proven themselves in some of Australia's toughest terrain.  So what's stopping you getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors, surely not the price.  These units are second to none when it comes to value for money.

Why not look on and see what we have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Camping made easy


“Aussie Eagle Campers have made camping easy for us ...”
                                                                                    Mark D.

“We will never look back!  Thank you Aussie Eagle Campers!”
                                                                                   Terry R.

Let the adventure begin here...

Australian Owned & Manufactured


& camp in comfort & style

If you would like to more know more Aussie Eagle Campers, get in touch with us for any questions you may have on our product.

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the ultimate slide on camping unit