the ultimate slide on camping unit

"There's nothing quite like the great outdoors.  Our adventure throughout Australia still continues to this day"

About us

Hi my name is Jim, and this is my lovely wife Kay.  Kay and I spent most of our youth and spare time in the country shooting, camping and exploring.  Back in the 1960s, during my teenage years, we did a trip through Western Queensland, Northern Territory and Arnhem Land where we went buffalo and pig shooting and in those days we had no 4WD so our vehicle was an EH Holden.  This is when we began to discover some of the amazing, untouched places throughout Australia.  You might be wondering why we started making camping units?  Well even though I have always been passionate about exploring, it really started approximately 18 years ago when we developed a passion to explore further into this great land of ours and in more comfort.  Our first trip in to Cape York was once again with our trusty EH Holden in the late 60s. This gave me in the inspiration I needed to put pen to paper, followed by a lot of man hours and finally I came up with our first demo unit.  With this unit we traveled numerous times to the top end of Australia, perfecting as we went and after repeated requests by other travelers to purchase a unit similar to ours, we decided to go into production which has lead us where we are today, Aussie Eagle Campers.