Rainbow Beach, Queensland

"I cannot believe how easy it is to tow my boat while the camper is on the back of my truck.  I am happy now I can take my boat wherever I go!  This makes traveling so much easier and I am a much happier man now my boat can come wherever I go.  Thanks Aussie Eagle Campers!!”

Norman Y.

Elliot Falls, Queensland

"My wife and I go camping every year and Aussie Eagle Campers have made a significant difference to our whole camping experience.  Nothing better than having a clean, tidy bed to go to each night and not to mention a tidy campsite.  My wife loves that she can have a shower right outside and hop into a clean unit.  We will never look back! Thank you Aussie Eagle Campers!”

Terry R.

Our trip to Cape York Peninsula

“We bought our camping unit to explore the Cape York Peninsula and didn't want to have the hassle of setting up camp each time we wanted to stop.  Aussie Eagle Campers have made camping easy and we find we are camping a lot more nowadays given there is no hassle to set up camp each time we want to go anywhere.  I like that we can pull into a camping ground and be set up in a couple of minutes”                                                                                                                    Mark D.

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